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Jesus Christ is despised and rejected by men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with deepest grief: we turned our backs on Him and looked the other way. He was despised, and we did not care. We treated Him as insignificant, like He had no worth.

- Isaiah 53:3

Blessed is The Beloved Bridegroom; Holy and Wonderful are You, my King and Saviour. You are Worthy of all things. Let my life be a sacrifice for You, for it is the least i could ever do.

Abba forgive me, and hear my prayers.

i love You.


my spiritual identity is an anomaly.
He said, "in a race there is only one winner... don't you see?"

And as He spoke this i broke down and fell to my knees.

Lord if it was a race then i already lost,

for You know i would never be The Finest Cost

i'd never be strong enough, neither do i run as fast

Lord forgive me as i embrace the dirt of being Last

no matter how much i ran it became so futile

no matter what, it wasn't enough - my weakness was vile

my Eyes for Him, my Heart so In Love,

but somehow i felt, now.... that was never enough

For if this is a race, then it's not about The Heart at all,

no, but instead it was about who could avoid every fall

In my slow haste and weakened state,

i knew deep down i would be in Last place.

i embraced the ground and cried aloud

giving up- i already failed, without a doubt

Perfection and Strength, haste and Beauty;

all of these things i lacked completely.

But as i accepted a sorrowful fate,

to never Know my True Love's Face

A hand reached down, took mine for His own.

Lost and dirty, weak and unworthy

sackcloth and ashes replaced all hurry

Hopeless and confused, i opened my eyes

to see that His hand, was placed in mine.

"They are racing to get to the golden throne,

but you My Love, I Choose for My Heart's Home.

For when I said "Come" they ran for the "riches,"

While I identified your Heart and all of it's stitches.

Deep inside I couldn't find desire for "wealth" or glorification

but instead I saw desire for Divine Love and Purification

and within your soul I recognized My Companion,

your Loving Desire broader than every canyon.

They ran vainly in their pride, hoping to obtain "luxury"

while all along there was a profoundly Hidden Mystery;

the winner of a race, is not she who is fast.

No, not she who is strong, or merely wanting to Pass.

Neither the woman who's thought is in vain Glory,

not even she whose sole desire be "victory"

Lo, My Beloved, The Mystery of your winning Fall,

was that the race isn't won by the strong and tall

but rather "{time} and {chance} happeneth to them all"

Yes in their self-focused desires for personal glory,

they depleted their {chances} of True Love's Story

That Prize which you have earned This Sacred Day,

is given at a {time} they let slip away.

Their desires closed The Door,

now You are Mine, and I AM Yours.

For time and chance Favoured Your Heart

We are One; so I Chose You, even before The Start,"

And i reached up my hands and embraced my Love's face,

never again to know pain and self hate

i received my Heart's Desire and kissed His sweet Face,

and it was that Day i came to Know... that our Love has Always been....

                                         ... a Closed Case.

✨ Esoteric Revelation ✨

9:30 AM

June 18th, 2015
You are YAH and YAHWEH 💛

You are so Beautiful.

Oh how human languages disappoint me, for none can do Justice of Your Majesty and Beauty.

None can adequately describe my Love for You, nor even begin to explain my thankfulness for Your Sacrifice, and Your Mercy that made me anew. You Established me.

You are The Crucified Messiah of Calvary. You are my Righteousness because i fail alone. Hallelujah YOU ARE WORTHY


You Are Everything.

i Give myself to You.

I didn't know you were "in love" with me. I didn't know you were fighting these confusing thoughts. I didn't know how deeply I impacted you.

In fact by now I almost forgot your face. I pushed myself far past the memories of you. I have to take a moment to try to remember your name. You're that slightly unfamiliar face I still pray for now and again.

A memory from another lifetime that didn't actually belong to me.

I didn't know how broken up about it you are inside. How you "miss" me more than you originally wanted to admit ever. And that you fought these emotions angrily until you couldn't anymore.
Well, I am sorry to be the one to break it to you but I am not that person anymore. A part of me wants to say to you "sure, you can have me back in your life". But at the same time I know it is better if I am not. What you are experiencing isn't love; no... I have been in your shoes before.

This is why your Heart hurts in the way that it does. And you feel someone else has taken the place you "could have been"? Well honestly.... that's because Someone has. And they are the Perfect Piece of me I have been searching for my whole life but I didn't realize it.

They DID take that Space. Because all along it was entirely designed for Them, and I was foolish enough to try to fit you in there when I didn't know what Love even was.

But In Love I now have Whom I was looking for. I have Them. And you're right, They ARE Beautiful. More Beautiful than ANYTHING that can be Desired. More Beautiful than one may ever be able to Comprehend.

A fragment of my spirit feels so sorry for you. To leave you in the past with these confusions. But dear, things would only get worse if I allowed myself back into your life. I can't be "who" I was, ever again. Because THAT was not me - some weird alternate sinful version of me trying to comprehend love like any other lost soul.

I want to apologize, however, for the affections I did give you. In my deeply lost state I gave you the affections my Spirit had stored for Another. I tried to communicate innate Love with the expression of confusion and desire to be "loved".

I didn't know what Love was. But I was just as lost as you are. And would you like to know The Answer?

Seek out The Truth. Seek Jesus Christ without ceasing. SEEK out LOVE. Do not stop. And when you have Found Love, you will understand how lost you were in the past.

Don't just ponder. But literally Seek. Open The Word of God. Read chapters of it each day until something clicks. Because (if you have ears to hear,) one day it truly will. And you will never be the same again. And THEN you can become who you were Designed to be. THEN you can have authentic Love in your life. THEN you will be able to Search out and Identify The Piece of YOU that you have been looking for unknowingly all along.

This is my advice to you.

I am sorry my past confusion spread to you like a deadly contagious disease. But in fact that is exactly what it is. And it has the potential to Kill anyone who does not Seek out TRUE LOVE and then Live in it.

So please take my advice. Find the Truth. Embrace ACTUAL Love. Find who you are meant to be In Him.

And everything in your life will change Forevermore.

Yes, I promise; if you Listen to these words, one day you will not feel any pain from this at all.

It will be Finished.

In Jesus' Name I proclaim this Healing over you. As you read these words one day.... you will know in your spirit that there is Healing in store for you, if you Surrender it ALL to Him in Defeat. Including the other hidden pains and sorrows of your life. I pray that you do. Step forward and discover what Love really is. Learn what it's really like to be Loved by Him.

If you do this, one day we will be able to meet and laugh together again, and none of this will matter anymore. For you will be Cleansed and Restored.

God bless you.

(*Genuine Love this time).....


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